Redux training

Redux training

Length: 4 days (32 hours)


This is an introduction to the JavaScript library Redux for experienced React developers. After this course, you will be ready to start using Redux to manage state in your Redux applications.


Participants should be well-versed in React and JavaScript.

The course assumes that participants have little or no experience with Redux. This course introduces developers to Redux by enhancing a small React application with Redux. We’ll also introduce network requests as part of our exploration of Redux, giving engineers a good jumping off point for writing more complex React and Redux applications of their own. The course will alternate between lectures and hands-on workshops, or “labs”. Participants should be prepared to work in groups on code exercises.

Participants will receive PDF copies of the course slides, as well as all code written as part of the course.

This course is designed to be given in-person, but can be adapted to be done remotely. Contact Bytesized to schedule a React.js training session today.

Course syllabus

  • Revisiting JavaScript
    • Data structures
    • Control flow
    • JavaScript classes
    • Functional JavaScript
  • Revisiting React
    • Understanding React components
    • The “view layer”
    • Component lifecycle
    • Component trees
  • Redux
    • Why managing state matters
    • Unidirectional data flow
    • Redux manufacturing
    • Redux store
    • Actions
    • Reducers
    • Redux containers
    • Integrating Redux into a React project
    • Functional components
    • APIs and AJAX requests
    • Redux middleware
    • Open-source tooling