I started a podcast

I started a podcast –- Bytesized. On the show, I interview people doing interesting things in tech, whether that’s software development, teaching, nutrition research, and more. It’s been really fun to book guests doing all kinds of different things, and every episode has been really thrilling to record.

As of today’s date, the most recent episode is #7, with Kyle Shevlin. You can listen below:

I listen to a ton of podcasts (Overcast says I’ve saved 123 hours using its smart speed feature 😳) so making one was a natural fit. I’ve intentionally modeled it after a lot of the podcasts I enjoy — it’s super casual, and I don’t try and guide the interviews in any particular way. I’ve gotten great feedback on it so far, but more importantly: it’s just really fun to record. I’m having a lot of fun producing in a new format regularly.

I’ve mentioned it a couple other places on this site, but I should call it out explicitly here: if you want bonus episodes every other week, you should check out my new Patreon page — there’s lots of other perks for supporting my work there, as well!

Planning more write ups of episodes as they come out in the future!

Find the podcast:

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