Bytesized is a software and education company

Bytesized is a software and education company

Bytesized is the software and education company of Kristian Freeman, a software developer and creator based out of Los Angeles.

(Hi! I’m going to talk in first-person now… it feels weird to write about myself in third-person!)

I’m a senior software developer working at Product Hunt – I also make a ton of stuff online.

I’m the host of Bytesized Podcast, a bi-weekly interview show with people doing interesting and creative things in technology.

I also make videos about programming on YouTube. One of my videos about Vim has over 80k views (that’s a lot of time to spend listening to my voice!)

I run Hello, Remote Life, an online community for remote workers. Join us!

I make a ton of stuff to help people learn how to code, and how to become better at the stuff they do.

You can support me on Patreon and get exclusive content!

Bytesized technical training instructor, Kristian Freeman

Here’s some other stuff that I did in the past:

  • Taught top 100 programming training courses with Pluralsight, the online technical education company
  • Organize and speak at Learn to Program with Bytesized (previously Los Angeles Data Structures and Algorithms), a popular Los Angeles-based user group with regular Computer Science lectures
  • Worked as a full-stack developer at Simple

My passion is helping developers learn new skills and helping them to become incredibly effective at what they do. If that sounds like you, get started reading the Bytesized blog or take a free email course.